[Open] Taking requests

Taking requests

So I’ll be taking request for compilation or for upload of SNSD shows/performance……

I won’t do all of the request, only thenone I want, if you ask for something already uploaded, you comment have a big chnace to be deleted or for me to scream at you (no kidding).

For an upload request please comment using this form:

Name: Name of the show
Period: When the show was difused
Magnet/torrents: If possible link me to a torrent or a magnet of the shows/ performances or anything you want.

For compilation  request please comment using this form:

Name of the fansite:
Link to the fansite:

I’ll close tomorrow at noon.


10 thoughts on “[Open] Taking requests

  1. can you compile pict from yoonyul.com?^^ thanks before

  2. Name: It’s not a show, but if possible, can you re-upload all SNSD’s 2007-2008 performances?
    Period: 2007-2008
    Magnet/torrents: Sorry, I don’t have 😦

  3. can you upload 140315 SNSD cuts Yoo Hee Yeul’s Sketchbook

  4. Name of the fansite: thank you
    Link to the fansite: taeyeon39.com

  5. Sorry, I know it’s late for request but if you can, please upload Holiday Photobook and All About Girls’ Generation: Paradise in Phuket pics.

  6. also, please upload more video compilation 😀
    is there a part 3 of your compilation of SNSD performances? 🙂 it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much 🙂

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